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CRANBURY: Dan Mulligan sworn in as new mayor

By Amy Batista, Special Writer
CRANBURY – The township named a new mayor during its annual reorganization meeting on Monday night.
“I’m pleased to nominate Dan Mulligan as Cranbury’s next mayor,” said Committeeman Glenn Johnson.
The Town Hall meeting room was filled Jan. 4 with family, friends, residents, as well as local and state dignitaries, which included New Jersey Sen. Linda Greenstein of the 14th District, Assemblyman Dan Benson, former Mayor Alan Danser and former Committeeman Jim Taylor.
Sen. Greenstein administered the oath of office to returning Committeeman David Cook with his daughter, Olivia, 17, and son, Jackson,19, by his side both holding the bible.
Retired Superior Court Judge C. Judson Hamlin administered the oath of office to returning Committeeman James “Jay” Taylor as his daughter, Gracie, 6, held the Bible.
The floor was then opened for nominations for mayor. Mr. Mulligan was the only member of Township Committee nominated for the position. Committeeman Cook seconded the nomination.
“Any further nominations?” said Township Administrator Denise Marabello. “Seeing none, Mr. Mulligan you are our next mayor.”
Municipal Clerk Kathleen Cunningham administered the oath of office to Mr. Mulligan as his daughter, Bridget, 10, held the Bible and his wife, Brenda, and son, Danny, 14, looked on.
“I just really wanted to thank you to my fellow Township Committee members for this honor and privilege to serve as mayor,” said Mr. Mulligan. “I feel like I’m part of the club now since you’ve all been mayor. I really will do my best as we all have done.”
The new mayor also thanked his family.
“When you get elected to the Township Committee, it’s not just you getting elected, it’s your family getting elected,” he said.
Mr. Mulligan noted that this slate of elected officials has been together on the Township Committee for five years.
“It’s been a challenging five years, but it has also been a great five years,” he said. “I sense that we are going to have a lot more positive for Cranbury as we move into the future.”
Mr. Mulligan then took a few minutes to look ahead at some tasks and issues the committee will try to accomplish in the upcoming year. Among those are the budget; affordable housing; finishing up the downtown beautification; forming a sewer subcommittee; a police contract that needs to be renegotiated this year; and addressing the economic development needs in the community through some zoning changes along the Route 130 corridor.
The committee approved the mayoral appointments of members to various commissions, boards, and committees.
Mr. Johnson was appointed deputy mayor. Committee member Susan Goetz was absent from the meeting.

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