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The Peace Rose Montessori School, Parlin

The Peace Rose Montessori School strives to provide a true Montessori education for your child by providing a caring and respectful environment for the students. The mixed age classroom (ages 3-6) serves to encourage learning from peers and to develop a sense of community. The children learn using the materials engineered by Maria Montessori more than 100 years ago. These didactic materials help children learn abstract concepts using concrete materials in a multisensory fashion. In the classroom each child learns at their own pace. Most of the children will progress beyond their grade level in academics by the time they complete the program. One aspect of the Montessori education that distinguishes it from other programs is the emphasis on encouraging the child’s independence. They learn to care for their environment, for themselves, and for others through methods that nurture their self-reliance and confidence, along with social skills like grace and courtesy. In addition to learning math and language, children learn study subjects such as science, geography and cultural studies. At The Peace Rose Montessori School they pride themselves on cultivating students who excel academically and develop leadership skills and a love of learning. It is a great investment for your child. The Peace Rose Montessori School is located at 3091 Bordentown Ave., Parlin. For more information, visit or call 732-518-8745.


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