‘Think Blue’ when voting for president

“American lives matter!” So, when voting for a president, it is obvious that we should go Democratic.  “Think blue.” Ms. Bucker’s letter (“Think red when voting for president,” Sentinel, Jan. 14) disqualifies Hillary Clinton because “four men died on her watch.” The Republicans were in charge when we were attacked on Sept. 9, 2011. Over 3,000 citizens were killed. Many others are still suffering from consequences of this horrific attack. Does this disqualify all Republicans?

Barbara Bucker in her letter states that she has “never paid attention to an election since Kennedy” and now she seems to be an expert in selecting the best candidate in 2016. Her choice is Donald Trump, a millionaire, whose only qualification is that he can pay for his own campaign. She admits that another person (Marco Rubio), who Ms. Bucker thinks is “smart, aware, focused and knowledgeable” would be required to fill in for Trump who she evidently thinks is not smart, aware, focused and knowledgeable.  My goodness, I would hope that the Republicans have at least one candidate out of the remaining candidates who has some of the required qualities to run for the presidency. From the present list, a qualified Republican candidate might be too much to expect.

Alma Edly

North Brunswick