Police officers deserve support, appreciation

Attention must be paid to our police. Respect. Obedience.

In New York City, Correction Department officers are being attacked by Rikers Island inmates.

In Philadelphia, one policeman is shot at 11 times, struck three times and, by the grace of God, is still able to wound the perpetrator, stopping this rampage.

We commute to New York City and Philadelphia daily. These crimes are happening in our backyard. Whenever we have the opportunity to show appreciation, I would say reverence, for our police, come out, join in, get your voices heard and support the police.

The Spotswood Police Department recently sponsored Coffee With a Cop at our local Dunkin’ Donuts and Pizza With the Police at police headquarters. Citizens were shown a PowerPoint presentation and given a tour of the station. The technologically advanced new police van is awesome.

The police distributed materials explaining what we can do to stay safe. The police are always working to keep us safe. The citizenry of Spotswood and the Spotswood Police working together are striving for a safe community.

Every chance you get, give your attention and stand in support of our police.


Cheryl Bass


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