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Aging metal pipe will be replaced

PLUMSTED — Work to replace an aging culvert on Cranberry Canners Road in Plumsted Township is expected to be done this spring.

The Ocean County Board of Freeholders was expected to award a contract for the project to the Yannuzzi Group Inc., Kinnelon, in the amount of $200,000 during its Jan. 20 meeting, according to a press release from Ocean County.

Board members discussed the project during a workshop meeting on Jan. 13.

“This project will replace an antiquated 5-foot-diameter corrugated metal pipe which crosses under Cranberry Canners Road,” said Freeholder John P. Kelly, the board’s liaison to the Ocean County Engineering Department. “The project will result in better drainage in the area and a strengthened road.”

Cranberry Canners Road crosses over Jumping Brook in Plumsted, according to the press release.

Kelly noted that older corrugated drainage pipes need replacement to keep or improve the water carrying capacity as well to provide stronger pipes and maintain structural integrity.

As part of this project, the proposed replacement will be a 66-inch-diameter reinforced concrete pipe.

“This replacement will add extra capacity as well as the added strength of concrete to the new pipe,” Kelly said.

He added that since a fair portion of the pipes located under county roads are aging metal pipes, the county has an ongoing program to replace aging pipes.

“This is all part of our continuing maintenance program for our roads,” Kelly said. “With more than 250 bridges and culverts throughout the county, it is important to properly maintain them and (to do so) in a timely manner. All this work is part of the county’s effort to keep our roads and bridges safe for motorists and pedestrians.”

Cranberry Canners Road runs between Long Swamp Road and Hockamic Road in Plumsted.

The work to replace the culvert is expected to take several weeks to complete, according to the press release.

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