Presentation will focus on Chinese culture

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By Andrew Martins
Staff Writer

ALLENTOWN – Chinese culture will be the focus of a program to be presented at the Allentown Library, South Main Street, at 7 p.m. Feb. 11.

“Journey to the Ancient Middle Kingdom,” presented by Shen Yun Promotions International, will take place in the library’s community room.

Branch Manager Jo Mayer said the hour-long presentation will cover different aspects and periods of Chinese culture, including traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts such as Tai Chi, music and dance.

Ancient Chinese culture is regularly credited by historians as the birthplace of numerous civilization-changing advancements over its 5,000-year history, including gunpowder, the compass and movable type.

“I hope there will be a variety of people interested in this program,” Mayer said. “We are hoping to have more in the way of a lecture series and additional programming. I think it is important to learn about different cultures. We provide information for the public; (people will) benefit from learning about what is behind a culture and the beauty of that culture.”

For more information about the presentation, call the library at 609-259-7565.