HILLSBOROUGH: ‘People power’ stopped energy plant on Amwell Road


To the editor: 
So many people got involved to oppose the power plant in Hillsborough that Genesis withdrew its proposal. By working together, we had a victory for clean air, clean energy and the environment. This shows that we can win against other dangerous pipeline and fossil fuel proposals. Genesis was pushed out of Hillsborough before they were thrown out. We want to thank the hundreds of residents who were opposed to this plant from the beginning and helped stop this project from moving forward.
Now the people of Hillsborough will not have to suffer the tremendous environmental impacts from this plant. The viewshed will not be spoiled from a 200-foot smokestack in a scenic and rural area and their air will not be polluted from the power plant. The D&R Canal and the source for over one million people will not be polluted. Without the plant, we need to make sure we preserve the area from future inappropriate development.
By stopping these pipelines and power plants, it means we can go towards a renewable energy future more quickly. New Jerseyans want clean energy and do not want a damaging smokestack in their town.
This fight in Hillsborough shows you can fight these pipeline and power plants proposals and we need to do it here and throughout the state.
We must work together to protect other communities who may be threatened with similar proposals. If we do this, we will end the fossil foolishness of the past and move toward a clean energy future. 
Toni Granato 
New Jersey Sierra Club 