EAST WINDSOR: Township honors ‘Employees of the Year’

Mayor Janice Mironov

By Amy Batista, Special Writer
EAST WINDSOR – The Township Council recognized the 2015 East Windsor Township Employees of the Year during its council meeting last week.
Mayor Janice Mironov presented the three employees – Margaret Miloscia, executive assistant to the township manager’s office; Peter Genthe, assistant general foreman in public works; and Police Sergeant Eric Lion with proclamations on Jan. 26.
“Part of our business tonight is one that brings us great joy every year,” said Mayor Mironov. “This is an opportunity to recognize the 2015 Employees of the Year.”
She said that there are three categories that employees are recognized in – administration, public works and law and safety. Nominations are submitted by their colleagues and employees within the township family.
“These are employees who have performed in an exemplary fashion over the course of the year,” she said. “They have proven themselves to be a tremendous asset to the township and to the community and have earned the respect and admiration from their colleagues.”
Ms. Miloscia began her career with East Windsor Township on January 23, 2006. She started out as a senior court clerk in the municipal court and then moved over to the police records and files as assistant systems administrator in 2007. She currently serves as the executive assistant to the township manager’s office.
Mayor Mironov said that Ms. Miloscia is someone who continuously seeks to develop and extend her reach of knowledge and skills.
“I’ve seen it myself many occasions when something comes up,” said the mayor. “She always is interested to know more about it. She is also somebody who while she’s not a shy person, has an ability to show great patience and take time with other people, other people or residents who are needing assistance. She deals exceptionally well with the public and can unflappably handle complaints, concerns and questions that come in from our residents,” said Mayor Mironov.
Township Manager James Brady took a couple of minutes to congratulate Ms. Miloscia as well.
“Margaret is a key employee here in the township and will do everything and anything that is asked and much beyond what is even asked,” he said. “I’m not sure how I would survive without her.”
Mr. Genthe was the next to recognized. He began work with East Windsor Township on March 22, 2004, as laborer in the sanitation division in the Department of Public Works. He then earned his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) so he could assume more tasks as a driver laborer.
“I have to say that this maybe unprecedented. I certainly believe in my time here that the individual that we are recognizing tonight is actually a three-time winner of the Employee of the Year recognition,” said Mayor Mironov. “It really underscores the deep level of their commitment, their good work here and the consistency of it.”
Mr. Genthe was also the Employee of the Year in 2005 and 2011.
The mayor said that Mr. Genthe has proven himself to be a tremendous asset, undertaking tasks in all the major areas in public works. He was promoted in 2015 to assistant general foreman in the Public Works Department,” she said.
“He has quickly become within the department the ‘go-to-individual’ as people frequently go to him with issues or problems that arise because of his tremendous skills and knowledge in problem solving evident by his ability to troubleshoot with different ideas and different ways to solve the issue,” said Mayor Mironov. “He is available at anytime, anyway that he can help out whether it is a person in the community or fellow employee.”
“I would just like to thank Robert Bell and all of my other employees,” said Mr. Genthe. “He taught me everything I know and hopefully I can carry on for a long time.”
“He’s done a fantastic job,” said Director of Public Works William Askenstedt.
Police Sergeant Eric Lion was the last to be recognized. He joined the Township Police Department on Jan. 3, 1995, and is someone who has really stood out over the past year and during his career here demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail, according to the mayor.
Sgt. Lion is a platoon supervisor in the Uniform Services Division and also serves as the coordinator for the Field Training Program for new police officers and is a Supervising Firearms Instructor.
“A role which is instrument in teaching his fellow police officers in safe and effective firearms use and police tactics,” said the mayor. “He is an officer that has been extremely dedicated, very conscientious, and somebody who really understands the word professional and takes his position and role in a very serious manner.”
Mayor Mironov said that Sgt. Lion serves as a role model police officer.
“It’s important to him how he interacts with his fellow police officers and it’s important to him how he is viewed out in the community and what kind of image and model these acts for the department around our community,” she said.
Sgt. Lion said it was a great honor to be considered with the quality of people in the police department.
East Windsor Township Police Department Chief of Police Harry Marshall said he is proud of Sgt. Lion and his accomplishments.
“I want to congratulate him and wish him the very best in successful career and a continued career,” said the chief.

presented one of the East Windsor Township 2015 Employee of the Year Awards to Margaret Miloscia
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