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Zoners approve Adelphia Greens security fence

By Jennifer Ortiz
Staff Writer

HOWELL – The Zoning Board of Adjustment has approved the installation of 4,200 linear feet of fencing at the Adelphia Greens community off Route 9.

The Adelphia Greens Condominium Association sought approval for the perimeter fence around the community buffer area on Wentworth Drive. Approval was granted on Feb. 8.

Attorney Thomas Cafferty represented the applicant and said the association initially requested relief in the form of a variance to install an 8-foot-tall perimeter fence around the community buffer. On Feb. 8, Cafferty amended the height of the fence to 6 feet tall.

The length of the fence was increased from 3,000 linear feet to 4,200 linear feet, according to testimony presented at the meeting.

Planner Allison Hoffman, representing the applicant, said, “The condominium association has reported that vehicles that are parked in the development have been vandalized. There has been repeated graffiti appearing within the gazebo … and the association believes this is due to people trespassing through their property to access Route 9,” Hoffman said.

“It is my opinion that the variances requested advance the purposes of the municipal land use law, to promote public health, safety, morals and general welfare. The fence the applicant is requesting accomplishes this by providing … security from the frequent trespassers who move through their property. I do not think it brings any harm to (Howell’s) master plan. The granting of the variance will result in the improvement of the site,” Hoffman said.

Engineer Robert Pisano, representing the applicant, said the primary layout of the plan had not changed, although the board’s attorney, Ronald Troppoli, did point out that the amended plan called for more fencing than the initial plan.

Pisano said several revisions were made to the application after comments were received from the zoning board’s engineer.

There is an existing emergency access point to Adelphia Greens on Wyckoff Mills Road that is not secured with a gate (a chain between two bollards restricts access). As part of the application for the fence, a gate will be constructed and a device will be installed that will permit emergency responders to gain access to the development, according to the testimony.

Pisano said the aluminum fence with a black finish will not have any breaks and will assure Adelphia Greens maximum security.

No residents spoke about the application when the meeting was opened to public comment. Board Chairman Wendell Nanson, Vice Chairman Daniel Cardellichio and board members Nino Borrelli, Evelyn O’Donnell, Thomas Posch and Michael Sanclimenti voted to grant approval for the fence.

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