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School participates in Hour of Code

RUMSON — More than 300 Rumson Country Day School students and teachers recently gathered in the gym to participate in the Hour of Code and learn computer science and basic coding skills.

“We need to encourage our students’ interest in coding where it is already present and demystify computer science for those not yet familiar with it. Today, it is critical that every student has the opportunity to embrace computer science. Throughout our students’ lifetimes, technology will only continue to evolve and provide incredible opportunities,” said Head of School Whitney Slade in a press release.

“We owe it to our students to begin the process now, so that they will continue to be the digital citizens of the future,” said Slade.

The school’s Director of Technology Jeff Utz said computer science activities and curriculum at a young age foster skills that are essential for school and life.

“Since we began teaching computer coding two years ago at the Rumson Country Day School, we were surprised to see how coding activities synced with the school’s commitment to teaching social-emotional skills including resilience, creativity, collaboration and logical thought.”

Utz added that getting 300 students to code was an ambitious event.

“Through trial and error, patience and teamwork, the students completed a coding exercise and had a blast in the process,” he said.

For more information, visit www.rcds.org.

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