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Young composers invited to write a song by March 15


The Princeton-based chorus VOICES is sponsoring the Young Composers Project, designed to stimulate playing with musical sounds and words.

Children ages 5 through 12 are invited to compose a song for a soloist or chorus, either unaccompanied, or with instrumental accompaniment. The music can be written down in any kind of notation, formal or invented.

In addition, children are asked to make a simple recording, even a cell-phone recording, of the piece to send in with it. This allows undergraduate music students from the College of New Jersey to listen to the songs and set them in standard music notation.

Parents, piano teachers and music teachers are invited to support, but not edit, the child’s composition.

Music teachers or parents can help children submit a recording (CD or DVD) and three written copies of the child’s music (with the child’s name and age, assisting adult’s name, phone number, address and child’s background in music), together with a $12 processing fee, to the VOICES Young Composers Project, P.O. Box 404, Pennington, NJ 08534.

The deadline for submissions is March 15.

For more information, leave a message with Susan Evans at 609-291-7456 or email drsevans@comcast.net.


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