Resident will reject school referendum

Kudos to the Marlboro K-8 School District Board of Education for their steadfast resoluteness in holding yet another referendum. This is just another ploy to push through more obscene spending and thereby raise the taxes of hard-working overtaxed Marlboro residents.

This is a school district that is completely out of control, devoid of any empathy and which cannot accept the will of the people who overwhelmingly rejected this last referendum. What part of no do they not understand?

My development (Prides Crossing) is literally falling apart, with crumbling roads in disrepair. Where exactly are my taxes going? I’ll tell you where – to a bunch of bureaucrats who do not know what having a budget means. Maybe they should all take a course in economics. Their lack of empathy for their constituents is appalling and I for one will vote no once again on Sept. 27.

Dolores Tarpey