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Thanks go out to caring police officers

Last week my dad had a medical issue and was assisted by members of both the East Brunswick and South River police departments. To say that these fine officers did their job well wouldn’t even begin to describe how much they went above and beyond for our family.

At 93, my dad has had a very blessed life with few issues, and when he suffered a stroke while driving, East Brunswick Police Officer Anthony DeSantis took extremely wonderful care of him. The officer was kind, compassionate, and made sure that my dad got medical attention immediately. It was a scary situation, and Officer DeSantis handled it with grace and compassion.

The South River Police Department notified my mom and then also assisted us when my dad needed more medical attention at home the next day. I saw how patiently and gently they treated my father, and it was especially nice to have one of my old friends from Shortie League baseball, Sgt. Kevin Neilsen, at the house. My dad actually coached Sgt. Neilsen, and it was such a comfort for us to have someone he knew at his side.

Police officers have a very difficult job, and these officers carried out their duties (and more) with such dignity and compassion. In two days we witnessed so many acts of kindness from these officers, and we can’t thank them enough. Every single police officer we met during this time went above and beyond the call of duty taking care of my beloved dad.

Thank you to the East Brunswick and South River police departments for a job incredibly well done.


Blaise Batko


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