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Kaye-Lynn Dance Studio, East Brunswick, Milltown and Edison

Kaye-Lynn Dance Studio is a family-owned business celebrating 60 years,
with three generations of women who love to share their passion of
dance. Jackie Lynn is the original owner and a previous Rockette,
followed by her daughter Robin Kaye, a dance graduate of Mason Gross
School of the Arts at Rutgers, and Robin’s daughter Jasi-Lynn, who is an
event planner and dance teacher who has followed her mom’s and
grandmother’s footsteps all her life. Kaye-Lynn’s is unique in the fact
that they are a non-recital dance studio that focuses on helping a child
grow and strive to be the best they can be. The teachers provide the
highest quality of dance education and training in all forms of dance.
Non-recital means that there is no stress of a recital and costly
costumes/admission to a show for the parents. They do, however, have a
end-of-the-year dance demonstration to showcase their accomplishments.
Classes are taught in all forms of dance — ballet, lyrical, jazz hip
hop, tap and tumbling. Kaye-Lynn is proud of its dance company, Encore
Ensemble, and the platinums and top-honor awards they have won
throughout the years. The company consists of approximately 50 girls
ranging from ages 6-17 who focus on dance as their “sport.” Kaye-Lynn
will be auditioning for new dancers to join the team at the new
location. The company also performs at local events and senior citizen
events. Kaye-Lynn is known for its amazing dance classes and “Buddy
Dance.” In Buddy Dance the students have the best time and dance with a
smaller group of dancers along with a buddy! There is no stress of being
the best because all the students are awesome! They leave every class
feeling a sense of accomplishment and proud of what they accomplished.
Bouncin’ Babies is a huge hit for boys and girls 16 months to 3 years
old. Kaye-Lynn creates an environment where moms or dads can come
together to work out and socialize while their children are having fun,
dancing, playing musical instruments, tumbling, singing and
interacting. The new location offers amazing things for everyone —
adults, children, and those touched by special needs. Kaye Lynn’s offers
classes for adults in all levels and genres: ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, dance fitness,
Pilates, Barre Method and Zumba. Summer classes will begin July 11, and new eight-week Wednesday classes will begin APril 6. For more information, call 732-406-2074 or 732-307-7719, or visit www.kaylynndance.com. Kaye-Lynn has locations in Edison, Milltown and East Brunswick.

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