EAST WINDSOR: March proclaimed American Red Cross Month

East Windsor Township Mayor Janice Mironov

By Amy Batista, Special Writer
EAST WINDSOR – Mayor Janice Mironov issued a proclamation recognizing March as American Red Cross Month during its meeting on March 8.
“We regularly recognize American Red Cross Month here in East Windsor Township,” said Mayor Mironov. “It’s really an honor to have Christy (Hodde) here at the meeting and on behalf of the council and the community of East Windsor to issue a proclamation recognizing American Red Cross Month here in East Windsor Township.”
The mayor called on all citizens to support the organization and to participate as a volunteer.
“I know there are a lot of volunteer opportunities and, in fact, I think ‘Everyday Heroes’ is the theme that is currently ongoing on how everyone can be an everyday hero by stepping up and helping out,” she said.
Mayor Mironov presented the proclamation to Christine Hodde, executive director of the New Jersey Crossroad Chapter of the American Red Cross in Summit. The mayor said the township is minus one program this year, which is Meals On Wheels, which has been transferred to another organization.
“It’s not only about bringing food but about checking in on people who are homebound or who are elderly,” she said.
But the mayor said the township is going to focus on the Red Cross as it is currently configured with its mission updated.
The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors, according to its website.
“I believe everyone in the room has had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the good work of the American Red Cross,” said Mayor Mironov.She said many times that knowledge comes through tragedy or incidents be it weather-related or fires that are ongoing.
“We’ve certainly had both in East Windsor and Hightstown,” she said. “We’ve had incidents were people have been displaced or lost belongings and in need of financial assistance and of mental and social support, as a result of those experiences.”
Mayor Mironov said that the American Red Cross has always been a tremendous neighbor to come in right on the spot in a quick, efficient and effective manner to lend whatever support that they are able to in those unfortunate times of need.
“They play a really important role certainly best known by those people who have found themselves in need of that kind of support,” she said. “Most people here have probably been to classes sponsored by the American Red Cross First Aid or CPR. I even read a static that 40 percent of the blood that is transferred in the United States is done through the good work of the American Red Cross. Certainly one of the vital life lines that we have again for people who are in need in that respect.”
Ms. Hodde aid that this is her 12th year with the American Red Cross, which covers seven counties in the region.
“I am not a volunteer, but this is my chance to say thank you to our volunteers because they are truly the heart of the organization as the mayor said,” she said. “It’s just wonderful to be able to come and see any audience and tell you how thankful we are that you acknowledge us because to me what are biggest challenge is right now, and I would ask of you all to certainly think about this: we have such a growing diversity in our communities and we would really like our volunteers to be reflective of that diversity.”
Ms Hodde encouraged the East Windsor community to give blood, to honor the vets and to get trained in life-saving skills.
“There is nothing greater than giving back to others,” she said. “That is the most gratifying thing I think you can do.”

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