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Resident urges support for HVAC upgrades at schools

I am a retired homeowner who has lived in the Strathmore development for the past 33 years. My children graduated from the school system a long time ago. I was a skeptic about the needs of the district until I learned about how part one of the referendum will not cost a homeowner one more tax dollar. Question 2 will cost the average homeowner $2 per month.

My home was built at the same time as most of our school buildings. So far, I’ve gone through three furnaces, two air conditioners and three roofs. When it costs too much to fix stuff, it’s time to replace it, and that time for our schools is now.

This is not “fluff” but necessary and, in most cases, required upgrades to our schools. The quality of our schools academically and physically drives the value of our homes upward. I’m voting yes on both questions and ask my fellow citizens to do the same.

Frank Huza

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