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AskMatt: When do Mike & Molly and Night Shift return?


Question: I want to say I really enjoy reading your column each week. I love reading what others have questions about and their remarks on shows I watch. My question: When does NBC plan on putting The Night Shift back on their lineup? I was pretty sure
I read it was renewed for Season 3. Am I wrong about that? —Terri
Matt Roush: The medical drama is coming back, but unlike last year, when NBC gave it a midseason slot in February, it looks like it’s back to a run in the summer, which is where it began. But that hasn’t been announced or confirmed yet.

Question: Do you know when Mike & Molly will return on CBS for the rest of the episodes for this final season? They were to air 13 episodes, but only half of them have been aired, and now Survivor is in that time slot? Will they bring it back after Survivor is done for the season or move it to a different day?   — Natalie
Matt Roush: CBS just laid out its end-of-season plans for Molly and a number of other shows — finally answering the question: Where the heck is Person of Interest? With Molly, blink and you’ll miss it, because the remaining episodes are being burned off over four Mondays, starting April 25, with back-to-back episodes airing in May up to the one-hour finale on May 16.

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