Cheers and Jeers

by Damian Holbrook
TV Guide Magazine

Cheers to Damien
for remembering where he came from. The Omen’s little devil has grown into a scary leading man (Bradley James) with his own series, which is using deeply creepy clips from the 1976 classic to remind us just how much hell this guy is capable of raising.

Cheers to American Crime
for being better than should be legal. Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton and Co. facing rape, racism, homophobia and gun violence made the stellar second season hard to watch and impossible to forget. Especially after a fabulous, frustrating finale that gave no easy answers. Renew this gem now.

Jeers to Amazon
for not letting Mad Dogs lie a bit longer. The streaming network’s top-notch adaptation of the U.K. series about a group of vacationing friends tangling with Belize drug traffickers was a perfectly strange breed of dark comedy and brutal action that didn’t deserve to be put down after
one season.

Jeers to American Idol’s judges
for playing it safe. Seriously, saving pretty but dull belter Sonika over edgier and more relevant talents like Avalon and Lee Jean? Just because it’s the last season doesn’t mean you don’t have to still do your jobs, people!


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What to Watch

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