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After-school enrichment program picks up STEAM

RUMSON — The Rumson Country Day School (RCDS) has partnered with Level Up Village (LUV) to offer pioneering global STEM + arts (STEAM) courses as part of its After-School Enrichment Program.

RCDS’ Global Inventors/3-D Printing course began in January, and students collaborate with partner students from one of LUV’s Global Partner organizations in a developing country via video message exchange.

“By partnering with LUV, we are helping our students develop 21st-century skills through hands-on STEAM projects and global collaboration,” said Dana Feldman, network administrator and teacher of the course, in a press release.

“The global component of this program is especially exciting and will give students the extraordinary opportunity to work together with their partners, while simultaneously learning about their lives and daily life in the developing world,” said Feldman.

RCDS will offer additional LUV courses in the future in partnership with students from other countries.

LUV empowers children to make a difference in the world with courses that promote design thinking and one-to-one collaboration on real-world problems between K-9 students in the U.S. and Global Partner students in 23 countries. U.S. school partners directly sponsor Global STEAM education in developing countries through LUV’s “take a class, give a class” model. A portion of the tuition is used to deliver the same class to students at one of LUV’s Global Partners, many of whom are living on less than $2 a day.

“We are proud to bring together students from U.S. schools with peers from our Global Partner organizations. While their lives may be very different, they soon discover that they have a lot in common and much to learn from each other,” said Amy McCooe, co-founder of LUV.

“Our cutting-edge STEAM courses offer schools fully developed curricula, comprehensive teaching training and our experienced management of the global collaboration process,” she said.

For more information about RCDS, contact Director of Admissions Kevin Nicholas at 732-842-0527 or visit www.rcds.org.

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