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EMS volunteers need public support

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

The attacks in Brussels and Paris remind us of our own vulnerability to another large-scale terrorist assault on our soil. Such a strike surely would further tax our already strained emergency response system.

In times of crisis during the last nine decades, New Jersey repeatedly has turned to its army of EMS volunteers. Our predecessors answered “the call” decades ago during the Hindenburg and Morro Castle disasters, as we did on Sept. 11, 2001, and for weeks afterward, and through many devastating storms, blizzards, floods and other catastrophes. Undeniably, without its EMS volunteers, New Jersey could not adequately manage another superstorm Sandy or World Trade Center-type event. Today, again, we remain ready to respond.

New Jersey’s EMS volunteers answer hundreds of thousands of calls annually in their communities. With our growing elderly population and increasing terrorism threat, EMS volunteers have never been more relevant or essential.

The 87-year-old nonprofit EMS Council of New Jersey represents 20,000 volunteers affiliated with nearly 300 squads. We’re always looking for new members. To join or support us, visit production.njsfac.org/.

Joseph G. Walsh, Jr.
EMS Council of New Jersey

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