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Holmdel residents encouraged to attend meetings on land-use matters

Holmdel’s landscape is changing, and Citizens for Informed Land Use (CILU) has been monitoring these land-use matters. We ask residents to attend relevant township meetings for information and to voice their opinions.

On Wednesday, May 4, the Holmdel Zoning Board will discuss plans to place a digitized billboard on the south side of Route 35, similar to the one previously installed on the north side. Also, there will be discussion of the Route 520 Exxon station conversion into a convenience store with expanded parking, lighting and signage. If you are concerned about how these two projects will affect the character of our town, please attend this meeting.

On May 18, the Zoning Board will continue its hearing about the New Jersey Natural Gas application to put a regulator station on Holmdel Road. CILU has been concerned about safety and environmental issues due to the regulator station’s proximity to farmland and homes.

At a recent meeting, the 2016 budget was approved. It allocated $1.7 million for a library and $5 million for a recreation center. Since Holmdel taxpayers will be footing the bill for both, it behooves them to attend future Township Committee meetings to ask about these projects.

These municipal meetings are public so residents can learn and give their thoughts about the relevant issues in town. We encourage everyone to come to these meetings and hear what is being proposed for Holmdel and for their own neighborhoods. Visit www.holmdel-cilu.org for more information.

Karen Strickland
Citizens for Informed Land Use (CILU)

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