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Middletown High School South teacher rescinds resignation

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A Middletown High School South social studies teacher has rescinded his resignation after he was reportedly being forced to resign after showing students a video clip making fun of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

While calls have not yet been responded to by Middletown Township Public School District Superintendent William O. George III, reports circulating today have stated there is no current action against the teacher.

According to reports, nearly 3,000 have signed an online petition, #SAVEMRVENTRE, after teacher Joseph Ventre was reportedly forced to resign following at least one parent complaint after he showed students a video from HBO’s “John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight” that lampooned Trump.

The school district’s Board of Education next meets April 26 at 8 p.m. at Middle High School North, when Ventre supporters are expected to turn out on his behalf.

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