Transparency sought for Eatontown’s master plan

The mission of “Eatontown Residents Against Mall Overdevelopment”
(ERAMO) was to defeat the ordinance developed in secret by Eatontown’s
mayor and supported by the entire Borough Council. Our slogan was “Too
Dense, Too Tall, Too Urban.”

We were fighting the ordinance — not improvements to the mall — and we
were successful. Now, we are looking to the future and have renamed our
group “Eatontown Residents for a Greater Mall.” We have a steering
committee of about 30 residents. More than 250 residents from all parts
of Eatontown jammed the council meeting on April 27 to voice their
opposition to the ordinance.

We object to any ordinance being passed that allows dramatic changes in
our community without public input and without even as much as a site
plan. It defies common sense to believe that the ordinance was developed
without violating the Sunshine Law. Responses to our Open Public Records
Act (OPRA) requests were insufficient.

We are now asking that the borough start planning immediately for an
update of the master plan, which is due in 2017. The entire town must
be considered and invited to participate.

Soon enormous decisions will be made regarding the Fort Monmouth
property. Developers are waiting in the wings with plans for Eatontown’s
portion of the former fort. Consideration must be given to the town as
a whole. The mall is just one piece of the picture. It is irresponsible
to proceed without a zoning plan that promotes balance and quality of
life in our entire community.

Let the sun shine in.

Judy Bretzger