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PRINCETON: Weapons found in university dorm room

PRINCETON: Weapons found in university dorm room
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By Philip Sean Curran, Staff Writer
Weapons allegedly were found in the dorm room of a Princeton University student over the weekend, with a photo he posted on social media helping to reveal the matter, the university said Wednesday.
University Department of Public Safety, tipped off by a female undergraduate, searched the unidentified student’s dorm room Sunday in Little Hall finding two air pellet guns, a wooden replica sword and a bow and arrows, the university said in a statement. One of the guns was loaded with pellets, while the other was not, said Princeton spokeswoman Min Pullan.
The case was triggered when the female student saw a photo of him on Facebook. “He appeared to be in a Princeton dormitory holding what appeared to be his thesis and various weapons,” the statement read.
Concerned, she reported to the public safety department on Sunday evening that a student “might have weapons on campus,” the school said.
He was not on campus at the time his dorm was searched, the school said.
Ms. Pullan said his case has been referred for university disciplinary review. The school forbids students from having weapons of any kind.
It was not immediately known if he will face any criminal charges. Princeton Police could not be reached for comment Wednesday.