PRINCETON: Council nominee Quinn offers thanks for campaign support


Tim Quinn, Princeton
I write to thank the Democratic voters of Princeton for nominating me for Princeton Council in the November general election. I’m deeply honored.
Congratulations to the other Democratic candidates, Jenny Crumiller, Leticia Fraga and Anne Neumann, for campaigns that were well-run and focused on issues and experience.
I look forward to working with Ms. Crumiller and the rest of Princeton Council to advance the greater good. I pledge to work hard to represent everyone in our great town.
I want to thank my team. None of us had ever been involved in a municipal campaign and I’m so pleased that their efforts were rewarded with a win in the primary.
Finally, I want to thank my wife, Mary, and my son, George, for their support. Working full time while running a shoestring campaign obviously left me less time to spend with them. Their patience and encouragement have always been the key to any success. 
Tim Quinn 
Princeton 