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Police officers to reward kids with free 7-Eleven coupons


EAST BRUNSWICK – This summer, the East Brunswick Police Department will partner with 7‑Eleven’s popular community service program to hand out free Slurpee coupons.

Operation Chill, developed by 7‑Eleven in 1995, is a community outreach program that is designed to encourage good behavior by children during the summer months when some communities may experience an increase in loitering, shoplifting and vandalism, according to a statement prepared by the East Brunswick Police Department.

Police officers in East Brunswick will “ticket” youngsters who are caught participating in random acts of kindness, good deeds or positive community activities with free coupons for a small Slurpee. These tasks may include helping another person cross the street, wearing a helmet when riding a bike or skateboarding, deterring crime or by volunteering in community programs, according to the statement.

The police department will also use the coupons as a way to support other projects within their community. 

“Kids will love receiving a coupon for a free Slurpee drink and having a reason to approach kids in a positive way gives our police officers an opportunity to make connections with our community youth,” said Patrolman Craig Hoover, community policing officer for the East Brunswick Police Department.

Operation Chill is entering its 21st year. It has been predicted that 1.25 million coupons will be issued by hundreds of law enforcement agencies to all children nationwide this year.

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