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Forward progress for New Brunswick students

NEW BRUNSWICK – New Brunswick Public Schools recently held a Forward Progress Camp for its student-athletes at New Brunswick Middle School. Jonathan Casillas, New Brunswick alum and linebacker for the New York Giants, sponsored the event. The camp focused on the topics of positive social media use, decision-making, nutrition, safety, NCAA academic requirements, and what it takes to be a player in the NFL.

“The camp provides our student-athletes with life skills and inspiration needed to be positive, productive members of our society,” says Craig Lowery, director of Athletics for New Brunswick Public Schools.

Almost 50 students from Woodrow Wilson Elementary School attended the camp and received copies of mentorship advocate and motivational speaker Vaughn L. McKoy’s book Playing Up! One Man’s Rise From Public Housing to Public Service Through Mentorship. The book recounts how support form mentors encouraged and empowered McKoy to become a successful attorney and business leader. The students also received shirts, duffel bags, New York Giants water bottles, breakfast, and lunch.



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