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Fair Haven authorizes new equipment, discusses road projects

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FAIR HAVEN — New purchases for the Department of Public Works and just completed or upcoming road projects were focused on during the Borough Council’s recently held meeting.

At a July 18 meeting, Borough Administrator Theresa S. Casagrande  said that Ordinance No. 2015-12 was adopted Sept. 28, 2015, and provides for the acquisition of various equipment, infrastructure improvements and upgrades to public buildings and grounds.

“I sent copies of spreadsheets [to the governing body] to look at as we discuss what we’re going to finance and purchase for 2016,” she said.

“Funds are allocated annually for capital purchases through the budget, and it’s meant to pay for smaller ticket items.”

Equipment unanimously approved to be purchased for the Department of Public Works (DPW) includes a 2017 Mason Dump Truck — Heavy Duty, a hot box, a 2017 Ford Explorer and an electric salter.

“The hybrids are from 2009,” Casagrande said. “We’d like to trade them in and get new vehicles … [and] the hot box is extremely old and no longer serviceable.”

The equipment will be purchased for the Department of Public Works through state Contract 83013 and a Cooperative Purchase Agreement with the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey.

Items to be purchased through state Contract 83013 include the 2017 Mason Dump Truck for $45,000 and the 2017 Ford Explorer for $30,000.

Items to be purchased through a Cooperative Purchase Agreement included the hot box for $30,000 and the electric salter for $20,000.

“These will be purchased for an amount not to exceed $125,000,” Casagrande said.

Richard Gardella, who is the Borough Engineer and the Supervisor of the Department of Public Works, discussed various road projects that are completed or upcoming in the borough that are part of the five-year capital plan.

“Currently, what we have [are] micro-projects,” he said. “Most of it is milling, paving, some drainage work, some concrete repair, sidewalk and crosswalks work.”

Some projects he discussed are crosswalk repairs along River Road near the intersections of such streets as Fair Haven Road and DeNormandie Avenue.

“The intent is to mill out the road, repave the intersection,” Gardella said.

Another intersection discussed was at Buttonwood Drive and Linden Drive.

“Every year the DPW spends much time filling potholes, and it has just become an issue so the intent there is to mill into Buttonwood as far as we can go and repave that and take care of any drainage issues at that intersection,” Gardella said, adding that the intersection of Fair Haven Road and Buttonwood needs a little work as well.

“Another area is Battin Road as you enter Holly Lane,” Gardella said. “We had a catch basin there that did have some issues, we did make those repairs … and now the next phase is to mill that out and pave it to clean up that area.”

Casagrande said the micro-projects could go out to bid as one project and would be a series of smaller projects throughout town.

“I think this is actually hitting a lot of the hot areas in town that need to be fixed that people complain about,” Councilwoman Susan Sorenson said. “I think this is really great and would make a lot of people happy.”

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