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Cheers & Jeers

by Damian Holbrook
TV Guide Magazine

Cheers to Dead of Summer
for turning up the horror. Freeform’s campers-in-peril tale went from a supernatural slow-burn to a deep-woods scream with the shocking murder of Camp Stillwater sweetie Cricket (Amber Coney). If she can be killed, you just know s’more deaths are on the way.

Jeers to Carpool Karaoke
for selling out. As a bit on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, with singers like Elton John, Adele, Stevie Wonder and Selena Gomez, the mobile sing-along segment is a viral joyride. As a proposed Apple Music series featuring someone other than the chummy Brit and a monthly fee, it kind of makes us carsick.

Jeers to Stranger Things
for being a shorter thing. Netflix, eight hours of your nostalgic and scary sci-fi thriller (starring Winona Ryder) just weren’t enough. Who do we have to turn upside-down for more?

Cheers to MADtv alums
for playing so well with the new crew. Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan — veterans of the original Fox sketch show — were the perfect pair to help introduce The CW’s edition, which won our vote for the Reboot of the Summer with its hilarious and timely Clintons-versus- Trumps game-show sketch.

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