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What do you think of the Emmy snubs?

Question: I am very disappointed by the Emmy nominations. I watch mostly the broadcast networks, and I really feel that some wonderful shows and performances were overlooked. Michael Emerson in Person of Interest was terrific. Alan Cumming made The Good Wife so enjoyable, especially the transformation of Eli from a venal character to someone with a conscience. I am starting to be one of those people who thinks we need to separate the broadcast and cable/streaming shows into their own categories, although I suppose that would make the Emmy broadcast six hours long. —Gwen

Matt Roush: Plus, segregating broadcast network from cable/streaming network shows would cheapen any win as looking like sloppy seconds. The Good Wife has had some success at the Emmys during its run, and even in its uneven final season several guest actors (Michael J. Fox, Carrie Preston) were recognized, and the series finale earned a writing nomination. CBS did nothing to garner Person of Interest serious Emmy attention during its run, and that was especially true this year. Let’s hope the next time a network drama raises the bar — I’m thinking something of The West Wing quality (and don’t you think a show like that would end up on cable today?) — the Emmy voters will be able to acknowledge greatness wherever it exists.

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