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Cheers & Jeers

By  Damian Holbrook TV Guide Magazine, @damianholbrook

Cheers to The Bachelorette
for giving us Chad Johnson. The beefy “Chad Bear” brought his alpha intensity to the Men Tell All special with a brutal takedown of JoJo’s whinier suitors, leaving us salivating for more of his muscled crazy on Bachelor in Paradise.

Cheers to Fox for saving the X-Men
Rising from the ashes of X-Men: Apocalypse like Jean Grey’s Phoenix comes the happy news that Fox and Burn Notice creator Matt Nix are already at work on a series about two gifted teens who join an underground team of Marvel-verse mutants. No word on whether one of them will be the beast who canceled Agent Carter.

Jeers to Bill O’Reilly
for being tone-deaf. After Michelle Obama’s DNC speech about living in a White House built by slaves, the Fox News host actually defended forced labor by noting that said slaves were “well-fed and had decent lodgings.” Government slop and a cot? Silly us, that totally makes slavery OK! #ShutTheFoxUpBill

Jeers to Project Greenlight
for stalling. Again. Now that it’s been canceled twice by HBO (and flopped on Bravo back in ’05), Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will need to hunt down a lot of goodwill if they hope to find yet another home for their moviemaking reality competition.

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