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Reader: Let’s take our country back

I am an octogenarian. Hopefully, I will be voting in the November general election.

This morning after seeing and hearing the news, I had to run outside to see if I was still in the country I love and served. Where has the spine and integrity of this nation gone?

Republican leaders won’t support the party’s candidate [Donald Trump] for president because he insults people. What would these wimpish leaders have done with the likes of a George Patton or Winston Churchill — real leaders from back in the day?

The Democrats have a candidate [Hillary Clinton] more suited to be president of The Liars Club. She and her husband, a latter-day sophisticated version of Bonnie and Clyde, evade the law with impunity. The media and her surrogates spin her behavior and twist Trump’s words into new meanings in an attempt to brainwash us.

Any nonbelievers are branded as racists, homophobes, chauvinists, bigots or some other designation outside the sphere of political correctness.

Americans, let’s take our country back. Sweep the political trash out of Washington. Let us have leadership even if we have to insult the whole world.

Richard A. Pender
North Brunswick

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