PRINCETON: Man arrested for series of alleged crimes has been deported


Arnoldo Agreda-Rodriguez

By Philip Sean Curran, Staff Writer
Authorities deported an illegal immigrant arrested for a series of alleged crimes in Princeton since 2005, including the night of sex with his girlfriend that allegedly turned violent and saw her jump out of a window of a vacant house on Green Street back in January.
Arnoldo Agreda-Rodriguez had been in and out of trouble with law enforcement for the past 11 years. Most recently, he was accused of threatening to kill a former roommate while he was holding an 8-inch kitchen knife on May 21, records showed.
But the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office had that case dismissed Aug.11 after learning that Mr. Agreda-Rodriguez had been deported earlier in the month, Casey A. DeBlasio, a spokeswoman for the office, said Monday. By coincidence, Aug.11 was also his birthday; records list him with two different birth years, so he is either 43 or 44.
Mr. Agreda-Rodriguez had been on the radar of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which had sought to remove him from the country. Originally from Guatemala, he had been living in New Jersey for the past 15 years and most recently working at the Ivy Club, a Princeton University student eating club on Prospect Avenue, as a kitchen worker until he was let go in the spring.
ICE spokesman Alvin Phillips could not be reached for comment on Monday.
Mr. Agreda-Rodriguez has been in trouble with law enforcement before. The most notable of those made headlines earlier this year; he met his lover for a night of sex inside a vacant house on Green Street on Jan.22, across from the apartment where he lives on the same street.
The encounter allegedly turned violent when she allegedly wanted to stop the encounter, feeling stomach pains, while he wanted to continue, it was revealed in court earlier this year. She fled for safety by jumping out of a window, initially claiming she was abducted off Witherspoon Street and forced into the house.
Police arrested and charged him with assault and with threatening the woman. It was later revealed in Mercer County Superior Court that he and the unidentifed married woman had been seeing each another for years and that the two routinely made assignations.
Authorities, however, dropped that case on June 7 for what the Prosecutor’s Office later called “insufficient evidence to proceed with the prosecution.” It was never disclosed if the alleged victim would not testify or if her changing stories made her an unreliable witness if the case ever went to trial.
In May, he was picked up again, this time for allegedly threatening the ex-roommate.