Azra Baig is a ‘pillar of the community’

I have known Azra Baig for [many] years. Azra and I live in the same community, and our children have gone to school together in South Brunswick Township.
Azra has an endless supply of energy and determination and gives 100 percent in everything that she does. Azra values academics and has instilled it in her children and is determined to do the same for the  South Brunswick community.  
Azra is determined to enhance an already strong Board of Eduction and ensure that South Brunswick is the absolute best it can be.  
I have attended many South Brunswick Township meetings with Azra and have witnessed her asking the tough questions that most people shy away from. Azra is informed and knowledgeable and expects the same from her peers.
Azra’s demeanor is kind, warm and respectful but she can be tough as nails when she has to be. Azra is a mom first but represents South Brunswick with unwavering determination.
Azra also values diet and exercise, and I say this to emphasize her dedication and strength and know that she is a role model to all she meets whether she is running the South Brunswick 5K or sitting on a Board of Education panel. 
Azra has become a pillar of this community and her name is recognized everywhere. Azra is the first to roll up her sleeves to get involved. I know I greatly value all of her contributions and I look forward to seeing what she will continue to do for South Brunswick.
Kim Cannon
South Brunswick