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Englishtown police officers commended by resident

By Mark Rosman
Staff Writer

ENGLISHTOWN – Three members of the Englishtown Police Department were commended by a resident who expressed his appreciation for the officers’ efforts on behalf of his son in a letter to municipal officials.

The letter from the resident was read by Borough Clerk Peter Gorbatuk to Mayor Thomas Reynolds, members of the Borough Council and members of the public during the Aug. 24 meeting of the governing body

The resident wrote, “Police officers are sometimes looked at in an unfavorable way, leaving them uncredited for the job they do. There are officers who go above and beyond their duties.

“There are outstanding officers of the Englishtown Police Department who have gone above and beyond in helping my son, (who is) a retired disabled American veteran.

“Acknowledgement is due as follows: Lt. Peter S. Cooke Jr., Detective Alexander Dinicola and Patrolman Scott Zapora. My son was going through a time of deep distress and in need of serious help and it is people like them that show there is good in places you least expect it.

“They are a credit to their profession and the Englishtown Police Department. I am grateful to these officers for their professionalism, compassion and help given to my son.”

In an interview, Cooke, who is the police department’s commanding officer, said it was “very nice to hear that letter. People are quick to complain about officers’ actions,” but the letter from the resident “kind of renews your faith in your choice of occupation. An officer may sometimes think, ‘Why did I pick this job?’ ”

Cooke reported that at just about the same time the resident wrote the letter to the council thanking him, Dinicola and Zapora, the police department received a postcard from a woman and her family who live in Hunterdon County.

The lieutenant said the postcard carried the message, “We support the police. God bless you for putting your lives on the line.”

Cooke said he could only assume the woman sent the postcard to many police departments around the state. Speaking on behalf of himself and his officers, he expressed appreciation for the heartfelt feelings and good wishes that were expressed in the woman’s message.

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