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Union scale wages affect need for gas tax hike

We are told that there is a deficit in the transportation fund. Whose fault is that? Are we taxed too little?
Of course not. The taxpayers have been maxed out in taxes. In the 1960s, we did not have a sales or income tax and New Jersey we were able to survive and thrive. Now the politicians want to add another 23 cents on the gas tax. Enough is enough.
For years, politicians have been raiding the transportation fund to pay for projects that have nothing to do with roads and bridges. If there is a deficit in the transportation fund, the
simple solution is take the money out of the general fund.
Unfortunately, when we pay for gas, we are also charged a federal tax. Only a small fraction of the federal funds comes back to New Jersey. Our senators and representatives are inept when competing with other legislators from other states to get back our fair share.
The cost of road and bridge repair in our state is much higher than other states. To rectify that situation, we should abolish prevailing wage laws. This restrictive law forces contractors to pay inflated union scale wages. One could make a YouTube channel with videos of highway workers hanging out and doing nothing.
Our politicians should deal with reality. The taxpayers are broke and so is our political system.
Fred Stein
South Brunswick
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