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Freeholder encouraged to ask governor to resign

The article, “Officials Concerned over Monmouth Park ” (Aug. 25, Independent), is amazing. All of a sudden Freeholder Thomas Arnone is concerned about the future and fate of Monmouth Park. Even if he is not a regular, has he not read the stories in the Independent and other daily papers? Where has he been?

His cry to ask for help from Trenton and Gov. Chris Christie is going nowhere. Gov. Christie has done not one thing to help the horse racing industry. The only way Monmouth Park and horse racing in general can survive is to get a real governor in office who is truly more concerned with New Jersey than he is with his own résumé and national standing.

If Freeholder Arnone is truly sincere about helping the racing industry, then let him be the first Republican who calls for the recall of the governor. The time has come to get rid of this egotistical governor. He has done more harm to this state in seven years than all of the previous governors combined. It will take 25 years to undo the harm this self-centered governor has done.

Soon, being a Chris Christie Republican will be a political kiss of death. Does Freeholder Arnone recall Charles Sandman from South Jersey? During Watergate, he was a rising Republican in the House and a loud and staunch supporter of Richard Nixon. Shortly after Nixon resigned in disgrace, Sandman’s star died out and he fell from the public eye.

Recalling the governor is the only way to allow our state to tackle the huge problems caused by Christie. The harm he has caused the horse racing industry is indicative of what he has done to the state in general.

Writing a letter to Trenton and asking for Trenton and Christie to help is a waste of time. They are not listening. So, Freeholder Arnone, show some real guts and ask for the governor to resign or lead the charge to recall him today. Once the recall is started, watch how things will change. And once he is gone, we can repair the Christie damage to the racing industry and the state.

Peter McIntyre

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