Spotswood teachers receive grant money for programs

SPOTSWOOD – At the annual opening convocation for the Spotswood Public Schools, the Spotswood Education Foundation (SEF) presented 12 grants to staff members totaling more than $7,000.

Grants will be used to enhance current programs and curriculum at the schools of each staff member receiving a grant.

The $7,110.93 was awarded to Alyson Collins for a Sculpture Garden; Marian Ayad for Speech Buddies; Ginger Isaksen for WebABLLS; Stacey Vespoli, Janice Cooper, Debbie Generelli and Barbara Silvers for Act it Out; Maureen McDonald, Kerri McDonnell, Jenna Cantora, Kyle Harkins and Randi Snook for Growing Scientists and for The Write Stuff 2; Maureen McDonald for STEM Folk Tales; Erin Peabody for World Adventure through Google; Michelle Robbins for Standing Desks; Lauren Shaughnessy for World Drum; Jenna Cantora and Randi Snook for the Perfect Pair; and Paige Besthoff and Lauren Siwiak for Full STEAM Ahead.

Since 2006, the SEF has awarded 116 grants totaling $68,626.15.

“The trustees of the SEF are a dedicated group of community members who are committed to supporting our schools. Every year they work tirelessly to raise funds that support our students and staff. I cannot express how much the Spotswood Board of Education, administration, staff and I appreciate their efforts on behalf of the Spotswood Public Schools,” said Superintendent Scott Rocco.

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