Vote third party this year

Clinton and Trump.

Are you listening to these two? They are making it crystal clear (because of their greed, they can’t help themselves) that when either of them gets elected, you are immediately going under the bus, and they will be gleefully feeding their corporate friends more of your money (tax revenue).

Example A: Clinton was questioned on whether or not she will disengage from or shut down the highly suspicious (an Algerian $500K and $26.4 million in speaking fees — the new corruption currency — that went unreported for starters) Clinton Fund if she is elected. Her response? An indifferent remark about transparency being the answer (The Rachel Maddow Show, March 2016).

Whew, that’s genuine arrogance and shows an avarice (some argue it’s visible when you look at her) that makes her incapable of turning off the donation device that got her loads of money for her Secretary of State influence (it is energetically argued) and promises similar, but now limitless, wealth as president. Trust me, her employees can make a brick wall qualify for her “transparency” criteria in a heartbeat.

Example B: The military budget is so galactic in size and corruption that no one is even sure just how big it is. Indeed, even Dick Cheney acknowledged, back in 2001, that they just can’t account for nearly 3 trillion dollars. So, Trump announces (because he is so excited about sending more of your tax money to his industrial friends and because the fear concept markets well to the conditioned-to-be-scared proletariat) that he will really increase military spending (The Sean Hannity Show, March 2016). You think more bloat in the U.S. Department of Defense will make you safer? Really?

Clinton will capture lots of unthinking votes largely because she is female and also is not Trump.

Trump will attract unthinking votes because people like the image of his brand and because he is not Clinton.

If ever there was a time to vote any kind of third party — it is now. I almost feel that if you can’t vote courageously for a third party, then stay home on Election Day. A radical — even blasphemous — suggestion, but the system has regurgitated two candidates onto the ballot that are both eager to exploit the new business model for government — steal all you can for the corporations because there is almost no risk from constituents or Department of Justice reprisal. Plus, you will be rewarded extravagantly — wouldn’t you like to get $500,000 for a speech?

By the way, voting any third party will help cleanse our voting experience in November, but the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein is very popular among people unwilling to vote traditionally in support of greed or an unhinged ego.

Jeffrey B. Sickles

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