HILLSBOROUGH: Township officials approve more than $100k in purchases, repairs


Township officials recently approved the purchase, replacement or repair of various municipal assets, totaling more than $105,000 in costs.
The Township Committee unanimously approved the six items, which were listed as resolutions during their Sept. 13 meeting.
Officials said the funds necessary for the project are currently available in the 2016 budget.
First among the items was a non-fair and open agreement with Binsky & Snyder Service LLC. to repair the cooling tower at the municipal building. Costs associated with the project are not to exceed $21,799.
According to the state Division of Local Government Services, a non-fair and open agreement “does not require the competitive elements of the fair and open process,” which normally requires a public bid from interested vendors. Provisions are put in place that bar a selected vendor from making “prohibited contributions¼to the political committees” that approved its selection.
Based in Piscataway Township in Middlesex County, officials said the Binsky & Snyder Service has worked on the township’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit since 2014.
Another approved project was the installation of a new skate park ramp at Ann Van Middlesworth Park, located on Pleasant View Road.
According to the approved resolution, the township opened the public bidding process for the project back in August, with Rampage LLC wining the contract.
Officials chose Rampage, because its estimated costs were not to exceed $49,800, while American Ramp Company submitted a $98,000 price tag for the project.
After soliciting bids for the replacement of the pump at Woodfield Park, the township selected Summit Well & Pump Inc. for the project.
The Hillsborough-based company submitted a $10,122 bid. Two other companies, Samuel Stothoff Co. Inc. and Somerville Well Drilling Ltd. Inc. submitted $11,854 and $14,378 bids, respectively.
The committee also approved the purchase and installation of a replacement dump truck body, with costs not to exceed $15,508.
West Jersey Enterprises entered the winning bid, while Monmouth Truck Equipment and A&K Equipment Co., Inc. entered bids of $16,660 and $17,185, respectively.
Finally, the township authorized the purchase of a truss arch shelter, which will protect the outdoor storage of materials at the Public Works Department, with a cost ceiling of $8,750 from Tek Supply.
Other bids came from Celina Tent at $11,095 and Big Top at $12,500.