WEST WINDSOR: Road rage incident escalates into stabbing


By Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
WEST WINDSOR — A road rage incident that escalated into a stabbing resulted in multiple charges being filed against an 18-year-old West Windsor resident, according to the Police Department.
Taylan Postalci, 18, was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and criminal mischief, following the incident that started on New Village Road and ended on Edinburg Road at Old Trenton Road on Sept. 13, police said.
The incident began on New Village Road, when a car driven by Mr. Postalci and a car driven by the victim came to a stop, police said. Both men got out of their cars and a verbal altercation took place. The victim grabbed Mr. Postalci’s lanyard key chain and tossed the keys into a grass area.
The men got into their cars and left. But a short time later, the two cars wound up in a line of traffic on Edinburg Road at Old Trenton Road, re-igniting the earlier road rage incident, police said. Mr. Postalci got out of his car and punched the taillight of the victim’s car.
The victim got out of his car and confronted Mr. Postalci, who had gotten back into his own car, police said. The victim reached into Mr. Postalci’s car through the driver’ side window. At that point, Mr. Postalci stabbed the victim with a multi-tool utility knife.
The victim returned to his car, with Mr. Postalci’s keys in hand, and drove a short distance away. There was a substantial amount of blood in the street where the incident occurred, and more blood on Mr. Postalci’s car, police said.
Mr. Postalci was charged by police and released on summonses. 