Reject the spin offered by PennEast


To the editor: 
Have you, like me, received the latest spin from PennEast by way of a large postcard each week for the past two weeks trying to buy our support with claims of pipeline benefits, financial or otherwise?
Don’t believe it.
For over two years, PennEast has been less than forthright with the public in its effort to support this unneeded pipeline and, for over two years, it has largely failed to rally public support.
More recently, PennEast has run into a torrent of opposition from every federal and state agency that has weighed in.
At this point, PennEast must be desperate. Do you think that it would spend money on a slick, public relations campaign otherwise?
This is not the time to be bought by PennEast’s pie-in-the-sky claims.
This is the time to double down and reject PennEast spin. 

Harvey Lester 
Hopewell Township