Spotswood students will receive college credit for advanced marketing courses

SPOTSWOOD – Students at Spotswood High School (SHS) can now receive college credit for an advanced marketing classes.

Every year, district leaders and teachers in Spotswood Public Schools assess the district’s program of studies as part of their ongoing commitment to enhancing students’ learning experiences in preparation for college and careers. Through this process, they identified a need to expand class offerings in marketing with the addition of an Honors Marketing IV class, according to information provided by the Spotswood Public School District.

Once this need was identified, Selina Pewitt, director of Curriculum and Instruction, began discussions with Middlesex County College (MCC) to assess the possibility of receiving college credit for students who successfully complete the class, according to the statement. This process included college approval for the instructor as well as the course curriculum. The curricula for all business courses was shared with MCC.

As a result of this review, beginning with the 2016-17 school year, students enrolled in Honors Marketing IV or Business Law and Ethics/Hot Topics and Business Trends will have the opportunity to earn college credit from MCC. To earn credit, students must apply and pay a fee of $200 to the college and obtain a grade of “C” or higher in the course.

Both courses will be taught on the SHS campus by their new business teacher, Kelly Meagher.

“Mrs. Meagher was instrumental in this process through the development of the Honors Marketing IV curriculum to assure alignment to the college curriculum. We are fortunate to have her as a member of the SHS staff. Her dedication to quality instruction and her prior experiences in the world of business allows her to continue and expand upon our long tradition of success with marketing education and the DECA program. We are excited for the additional opportunities our students now have to earn college credit while still in high school,” Pewitt said.

The addition of Honors Marketing IV, and the approval of both these business courses for college credit, brings the number of approved college credit courses to five. Additionally, 16 Advanced Placement courses are offered at SHS, where students can earn college credit at many universities by receiving a qualifying score on the Advanced Placement Exam.

“We are indeed fortunate to have such dedicated staff here in the Spotswood Public Schools who make it possible for our students to earn college credit through courses we teach at our high school. With this agreement between the Spotswood Public Schools and MCC, our students can begin their post-secondary education with college credits, if they so choose, and we reinforce our commitment to providing our students with a program of study that prepares them for their future. I commend Mrs. Pewitt and Mrs. Meagher for their dedication to our students and the district,” said Superintendent of Schools Scott R. Rocco.

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