Angered by vote to approve gas-tax hike


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When I opened the newspaper this morning, I was shocked but not surprised. The losers of both parties in Trenton voted overwhelmingly to approve the 23-cent increase in our gas tax, taking us from one of the lowest in the country to the sixth highest. Based on the past performance of this state Legislature, in three years we will be the highest. I thought for sure there would be a compromise, perhaps only a 15-cent increase, but these elected losers care nothing about the residents of New Jersey.

In the state of New Jersey we find bills to favor the big developers who are also big contributors to candidates of the ruling party … no support for Gov. Chris Christie’s plan for fair and equitable school funding after the poorly conceived Abbott vs. Burke decisions and the poor funding formula devised by the Legislature under Gov. Jon Corzine.

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We have an almost bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund because of overcharged projects, waste, greed and payoffs. Just look at the tremendous cost of the E-ZPass system in New Jersey, well above any other state, or the cost to widen the New Jersey Turnpike, three times the amount per mile than the cost to Massachusetts, which was the highest cost per mile.

New Jersey has the highest property taxes, the highest auto insurance and one of the highest tolls in the country. What will be next, the highest gas tax?

Wake up, voters, and hold your elected officials responsible for their actions. Vote them out of office.

Mark Klein


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