PLAINSBORO: Let’s provide solutions for the school district’s problems


Shrenik Dagli, Plainsboro
This past Saturday WW-PESA held a community forum for Plainsboro BOE candidates. Kudos to them for organizing this. I enjoyed my interactions with many concerned parents.
I want to highlight and elaborate a few things I mentioned at this forum.
The administration has made key changes (A&E, No homework nights, and curriculum changes) over the year. The administration should articulate a three-year strategy. It needs to spell out “HOW” the end goals will be achieved. It needs to clearly list the potential changes. This will give us enough time to research, to incorporate feedback and make appropriate changes. It will also allow us to bring in changes in an organized way.
We need better interaction with parents of our community. I plan to aggressively push for those once elected — interactive Q&A, facebook groups, PTA’s and conference calls.
I see a lot of negative headlines in various forums/media. My appeal is to move away from headlines and state full facts. Let’s provide solutions to the problems.
One of the candidates will get elected and I believe I should be that candidate. I am passionate and I will do my best to unify us towards a common goal. 
Shrenik Dagli 
Plainsboro 