Replenish the nutrients in farms’ soil


John Pinelli, Princeton
About 80 years ago the soil from our farmlands was being deplted from nutrients, and they weren’t being replaced. This practice has been going on ever since.
Another practice that has to be corrected is yesterday’s farmer would produce about 50 bushels of corn per acre. Today’s farmer will try to get 200 bushels per acre, further depleting the soil. The reason the farmers don’t replace the nutrients back into the soil is because it costs money.
An example of the results of these practices is, you would have to eat 100 apples today to get the nutritive value of one apple you would have eaten 100 years ago.
With the increasing population someday it may be hard to feed all the people. But I predict in the United States there might be some kind of population control some time in the future, unless we start replenishing our soil with nutrients on our farms. 
John Pinelli 
Princeton 