CRANBURY: Township Committee welcomes new drone business


Vip Jain

By Vita Duva, Correspondent
Vip Jain, chairman and chief executive officer of ABJ Drone Services, believes Cranbury Township to be the hub of the new and ever-growing drone industry.
During a presentation to the Cranbury Township Committee and the public during a bi-monthly meeting on Oct. 10, Mr. Jain not only explained his company’s technology, but also gave a comprehensive background on what drones are and where this technology is to date.
“I really was impressed with the owner’s passion for this business and how he wants to make Cranbury a hub for drones – I thought it was neat,” Mayor Dan Mulligan said at the start of the work session before giving the floor to Mr. Jain. “And what’s nice is, we have a new business in town that’s opened up.”
Mayor Mulligan continued, “Part of what we’re going to talk through is what [ABJ Drones] is doing and what they can offer. There is some potential for them partnering with us to help us out if we saw the need for the use of drones in different situations in town.”
ABJ Drones provides professional service, as well as being a dealer, distributor, repair and service provider of drones. ABJ Drones is an authorized distributor of DJI products, the largest drone manufacturer in the world.
“We have been trying to open up our doors for many years in Middlesex County,” Mr. Jain noted of the company’s new location in Cranbury.
Also in attendance during Mr. Jain’s presentation was Rickey Varga, chief of the Cranbury Township Police Department, as well as Michael Kervan, chief of the Cranbury Volunteer Fire Company.
“The point of having you here was so that we can speak to, partner with and encourage you in your day-to-day,” Mayor Mulligan said on the intent of the presentation, speaking directly to Mr. Varga and Mr. Kervan. “I encourage our police department and fire department to reach out [to Mr. Jain].”
Some of the professional services that ABJ Drone provides include law enforcement services, surveillance and pursuits; fire department, search and rescue missions; commercial and residential real estate videography/photography; utility and bridge inspections and thermal/optical imaging for solar and wind farms, just to name a few.
“I believe the presentation was very well received,” Mr. Jain said in a follow-up conversation. “The key areas for us to partner with the township include the police department, and the fire department. I also foresee good opportunity on working with the zoning department for mapping.”
Mr. Jain is an interdisciplinary leader and entrepreneur with a passion for building, developing and improving businesses, he said. The Plainsboro resident has built several businesses from the ground-up based on innovative new technology and the solutions they propose.
According to a recent report complied by BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, practical use cases for drones are on the upswing, and commercial drone deliveries are becoming a reality around the world.
In 2015, drones became a trendy device amongst consumers, but regulations that balance both safety and innovation are still a work in progress. But, BI Intelligence predicts that safer technology and better regulation will open up new applications for drones in the commercial sector.
The report further estimated that international spending on drones would top $12 billion by 2021.
For further information on ABJ Drone Services and to view its sample video of Cranbury Township, call (888) 225-1931 or visit 