EAST WINDSOR: Township shines light on domestic violence


East Windsor Mayor Janice Mironov

By Michael V. Crismali, Correspondent
EAST WINDSOR – Mayor Janice Mironov presented a proclamation to Pat Hart, executive director for Womanspace, in recognition of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, at the regular township meeting Oct. 18.
The proclamation is an effort by the township to praise Womanspace for all the work it does in the community, and also to raise awareness to all of the advances made in the support and resources available to victims of domestic violence.
Mayor Mironov said that many people are under the incorrect assumption that domestic violence is not a problem in their neighborhoods. The truth is, the mayor said, that this type of abuse exists in all communities, and can impact people from all different economic and social backgrounds. The mayor stressed the importance for the community to act as a support system for friends, families and neighbors who may find themselves as victims of abuse.
There has been a growing focus on the issue of domestic violence over the last few decades, which has resulted in the creation of more organizations who offer support and resources to those in need. Organizations like Womanspace offer people shelters, support and someone to talk to, who genuinely cares.
Ms. Hart said she was grateful to the township, mayor, council and current Township Manager Jim Brady for helping create the model for which other domestic abuse teams across the state are based on. Since the creation of the East Windsor Domestic Violence response team in 1998, its methods have become considered “best practice.”
“We are united in our statement that this is an intolerable type of condition and type of behavior in our communities,” said Mayor Mironov.
The mayor further showed East Windsor Township’s support by presenting Womanspace a check for $500.
It was also announced at the meeting that the Communities of Light event will take place at 5 p.m. Dec. 5 at the Municipal Building. At that time, the Municipal Building will be lit up around the perimeter of the building as a way to call attention to the problem of domestic abuse. The event serves as a fundraiser for Womanspace, and as such, luminary kits are currently for sale online, and will remain for sale at the police department until Dec. 5. Kits will cost $10.
If you or someone you care about is a victim of domestic abuse, call the police department. For more information on Womanspace, visit the website at www.womanspace.org.