HILLSBOROUGH: ‘Thin Blue Line’ unveiled as show of support for police


Township officials and employees stood in support of the Hillsborough Police Department during the Thin Blue Line dedication on Friday

Municipal officials unveiled a public display of appreciation for Hillsborough’s men and women in blue last Friday with the addition of a thin blue line painted on the grounds of the Municipal Complex.
Mayor Frank DelCore and the Hillsborough township committee revealed the line, which is a symbol used to commemorate fallen members of law enforcement and show support for the living law enforcement officers. The blue line also symbolizes the relationship between law enforcement and the community.
“This ‘Thin Blue Line’ will serve as a reminder to all residents and visitors to the Hillsborough Municipal Complex that our Police Officers, who are called to our aid, are a vital part of our community. It is a symbol of our appreciation and thanks to them for their service to our community,” state Mayor Frank DelCore during the ceremony.
According to officials, the blue centerline represents law enforcement and the one yellow line represents the public while the other yellow line represents those that may victimize the public. The premise behind the symbolism is that law enforcement is what stands between violence and criminal activity and the law abiding citizens.
The line stretches from the one end of Veterans Way in front of the Peter J. Biondi Municipal Building to the far side, running parallel to the front parking lot.
Similar shows of support have been making the rounds throughout municipalities around the country, as tensions between law enforcement and disenfranchised portions of the population have reached often bloody conclusions in recent months.
With those national events in mind, Mayor DelCore said the township’s display was a simple way to let the Hillsborough Township Police Department remember how appreciated they are by the public.
“We are always proud of our Police Department and their efforts here in Hillsborough,” he said. “The township has been noted multiple times as one of the safest places to live within the state.”