WEST WINDSOR: Louis Ho makes the best school board candidate


Rakesh Kak, West Windsor
As a two-time candidate for school board and someone who thought seriously about giving it a third try, I am keenly interested in the school board election.
I understand there are many parents, including me, who are not happy with some of the decisions the board has made or the way decisions have been communicated. As a voter, however, I ask whether criticizing the school board and district is best for our students and our school district? At this time we need school board members who will ask hard questions during committee deliberation but will eventually support the consensus reached after much debate. Louisa Ho is such a candidate.
Louisa has a long history of dedication to the community. She has worked tirelessly over a decade to support the Girl Scouts in WWP. Even before she was elected to the school board, she has demonstrated her ability to work for greater good by building a consensus as a parent volunteer member of the facility use committee and the strategic planning committee of the WWP school district.
She has continued her work as a member of the school board for the last three years. She asks tough questions in committee of fellow board members and of the administration, which leads to better decisions. However, once a decision is reached, she has no hesitation in supporting it in public. That in my opinion is not “rubber stamper” as some voters have claimed. That is how public policy should be made.
I had the opportunity to know Louisa personally and her dedication towards the school district as we campaigned together in the school board elections three years ago, going door to door introducing ourselves to the West Windsor residents. We had a chance to discuss a wide variety of topics and issues involving our district and was impressed with her views, which were mostly similar to my positions.
I urge all voters to take a hard look at all candidates, their dedication to the school district, their involvement in the WW community and their even-tempered approach to problem-solving. If you do that, I am confident you will conclude as I have that Louisa Ho is the best candidate for the school board. I urge my fellow citizens to join me in voting for Louisa Ho on Nov. 8. 
Rakesh Kak 
West Windsor 